Thursday, November 21, 2019

Information System Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Information System - Essay Example Recent studies indicate that creation of new software systems requires the inclusion of the varied customer needs and demands. It is a complex task to include all the customer needs and requirements in to one software system. Development of new software systems faces the challenge of not being able to meet the customers requirements. Generalization of software systems is the only way to go while creating new software systems and yet there are records of several unused software licenses (Carlsen, Roger, &Willis, pg 17). This is because most software customers find the generalized versions, not up to date, and would prefer using customized software. On the other hand, it is more complex and expensive to create personalized and customized software systems, as it will require time and customer consultations. The success of creation of new software systems that most people will use will depend on how well the technical community that develops software systems understands the needs of the users. New software systems developers work in teams of people in order to increase productivity and innovation. In most cases and most of them are not fit for high-performance teams. Software creation requires people who are willing to think and work beyond the normal, and this can only be present in a highly motivated and effective team. Regarding the information science field, creation of a new software system will be lengthy, and is costly to complete fruitfully the development process (Sahu, pg 25). The world of information technology keeps on changing rapidly and by the time given software comes to the market; it may be already out dated. The ever-increasing competition in the software industry makes it even hard for developers to come up with new software systems that will match the ever-changing market (Carlsen, Roger, &Willis, pg 7). Another notable challenge facing development of new software systems is the overly rigid processes

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